Chris Kilpin Machinery

Pneumatic Gear Cropper

British Made

Graule KS Mitre Saw for Beading

The Ultimate Bead Saw !

Graule ZS170N

Cross Cut Mitre Saw for Cutting BIG

Laser Line Generator Kit

Self Adhesive Teflon

FOM Panda 400 Up Stroke Saw

Jepson Dry Cutters


Single Head Saws  

Jepson 9410ND Mitre Saw                                                    

Graule KS               

Sika Plus


UP Stroke Saws                

Panda 400

Double Mitre Saws









Graule Cross Cut Saws                                 



Auto Saws





Dry Cut Steel Saws

Jepson 9430

Jepson 9435


Slow Running Steel Saws

Brown 250


End Millers                                     


FOM Mistral 26/26A

FOM Mistral 200

Graule AKF 1 / AKF 2 End Miller

Graule AKF 4/200 , 4/250 End Miller

Graule AKF 6/200 , 6/300 End Miller


Bead Saws                     

Jepson 9410ND Mitre Saw

Graule KS






Copy Routers


Welder Spares and Service




Pneumatic Gear Cropper



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