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Hand Dry Cutter 8219

The Hand Dry Cutter 8219 is the lightest and strongest hand held metal cutting saw on the market. The Hand Dry Cutter 8219. Maximum cutting capacity is 65mm.The Hand Dry Cutter is made of magnesium for a strong and light construction. With a 5 metre long cable it is very flexible machine for any kind of metalworking. Designed to make a beautiful burr free cut in steel and non-ferrous metals without coolant. The machine is delivered with a long lasting and resharpenable cermet tipped Ø 192 mm saw blade for all kinds of work. The powerful motor with 1.400 watt and 3.800 rpm enables any kind of heavy work.



Technical Characteristics

Power Input:

1400 W


3800 rpm

Maximum cutting depth

65 mm

Net weight:

4,8 kg


5 m

Cermet tipped saw blade

Ø192/40T included


Cutting Capacity


65 mm



65 x 65 mm



Product Range

608219 Hand Dry Cutter 8219 including saw blade 192/40T

608240 Hand Dry Cutter 8219 including saw blade 192/40T in metal box

719240 Saw blade 192/40T standard

600590 Saw blade 192/48T for thin material up to 1,2 mm




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