Chris Kilpin Machinery

Pneumatic Gear Cropper

British Made

Graule KS Mitre Saw for Beading

The Ultimate Bead Saw !

Graule ZS170N

Cross Cut Mitre Saw for Cutting BIG

Laser Line Generator Kit

Self Adhesive Teflon

FOM Panda 400 Up Stroke Saw

Jepson Dry Cutters


  Groove Knives    

Boot Type Groove Knife

Probably the most common type of Groove knife



Jade Grooving machines

Bench Mounted Groovers

Single Sided GrooversOrder


Order Ref: BOOTKN



Elumatic EV343 and "Cricket Bat" Hand held Groover


Order Ref:EV343KN


KA111 Transome Groover


Order Ref:KA111KN


MLA Corner Cleaning Machines / Groovers


Order Ref: MLAKN


Rotox 375 / 379 Corner Cleaning Machine


Order Ref:ROTOX379KN


URBAN SV400 Corner Cleaning Machine


Order Ref:SV400KN


URBAN Corner Cleaning Machine


Order Ref: URBANKN


Sturtz Corner Cleaning Machines

Elumatec Corner Cleaning Machines




URBAN SV300 Corner Cleaning Machine


Order Ref:SV300KN

        Common Knives Listed Many More Can Be Supplied Please Call for Details    
  Pertici Collet and Nut    

pertici nut and collet


For Pertici Copy Routers and Drain Slot Machines

Typical Applications: ML142, P100, P102, P105, P106


   Espag Drills for Triple Drill Units    


tripple drill


Typically Bought in Sets of 3 10mm Outer drills and 12mm Centre Drill

Can Vary in Size, Rotation (L/H or R/H) and Mouting thread / Style depending on machine manufacturer

Please Call with your Requirements 01934 625850 


Pertici Copy Routers Typically: M10 10mm Left Hand  / M10 12mm Right Hand / M10 10mm Left Hand

MLA Copy Routers Typically: M10 10mm Right Hand / M10 12mm Left Hand / M10 10mm Right Hand



  Miling Cutters    



Standard Sized milling cutters in various width, diamater and bore sizes

Please Call with your Requirements 01934 625850



 Cutting Fluid Link




 For More Please see our Consumables Price List


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