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Special Premium Quality PTFE Self Adhesive Teflon for UPVC Welding Machines, Advanced design for long service life

Sold in 5 Metre x 1 Metre Rolls, Delivery Cost Typically £12.95+VAT

    Price for 5 Metres      Price for 10 Metres
 £195+VAT  £370+VAT
 (£39p/m)  (£37p/m)








Technical Details:

Material:  PTFE Coated Glass Fabric
Coated weight: 250gms/m2
Percentage of PTFE Coating: 58%
Nominal Total Thickness: 0.165mm
Tensiles:  1200 N/5cm
Max Temperature: +260 Deg C
Adhesive Backing: Silicone Adhesive
Peal Adhesion: 9.0 N/25mm
Standard Width: 1000mm


We only supply the best high performance Premium Quality Teflon PTFE for this reason there is only one grade available in one colour.

Our Self adhesive Teflon PTFE fabric sheets will save time and money because of its superior quality and durability it will require fewer Teflon changes

Please call to arrange a free sample 01934 625850


Tips for Fitting Teflon:
  • Apply the Teflon to a hot plate, use a cotton / non synthetic cloth too smooth it out and a wooden stick with a 45 on the end is best for applying with out getting too many burnt fingers and ensuring the Teflon is pushed right into the "V"
  • Usually the best method on a typical transom plate is to have an approx 100mm band across the bottom of the plate overlapping on the ends of the plate to help hold it on
Things to avoid when applying teflon:
  • Using cleaning liquids or solvents is not advised as aluminium is quite porous and will absorb it and can also kick out some nasty fumes when burning off solvents. 
  • Doubling up teflon in areas that profile is welded, this can lead to colder spots as you will loose about 20 degrees where the teflon is overlapped  
  • Excessive heat can kill the glue on teflon too but normally if you are too hot you should find the profile is also burning




 Please Call 01934 625850 or email to Order


All Prices Exclusive of VAT and Delivery Costs

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