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Mistral 200

  • End milling angle 45° Rh - 90° - 45° Lh and intermediate angles
  • Milling speed set by inverter from 4000 to 7000 rpm.

     (adjustment on control console)

  • Set up to take integral safety guard around bar being machined to provide maximum noise abatement
  • Completely automatic milling cycle (hood closing, tunnel closing, bar milling, milling unit return and stop, tunnel re-opening, hood re-opening and vice re-opening)
  • Maximum noise and fumes abatement
  • Chips recovery by means of dedicated drawer
  • Patented system that allows profile positioning without the need for goniometries
  • Rapid milling unit approach to bar (intercepted by photocell)
  • Microdrop lubrication with pure oil
  • Milling carriage slides along linear guide-ways and recirculating ball blocks
  • Work table height 922 mm
  • Max. milling tool size Ø200 mm
  • Double working pressure servocontrolled in low pressure
  • Set up for fumes extraction
  • Non-abrasive work table that will not damage painted profiles
  • Adjustable milling carriage stroke
  • Quick change milling tool unit
  • Milling tool unit balancing system
  • Milling units magazine
  • Oleopneumatic milling tool carriage feed
  • Carriage stroke: X max=445mm
  • Milling depth: Y max=76mm,
  • Milling unit maximum height:Z=125mm
  • Three phase motor: 1.5 Kw (2Hp)  –  2850 rpm. –  eurovoltage 400V– 50Hz
  • Working capacity: see attached diagram
  • Working pressure: 7 bar
  • Work cycle air consumption: 25 Nl




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