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Electro-pneumatic copy-router with 3 spindle drilling unit

      • Spindle speed 11700 rpm
      • Head movement along centered and ground guideways with recirculating ball bearings
      • Pneumatic horizontal vices (no. 2) with safety valves
      • Double working pressure
      • Working pressure: 7 bar
      • Air consumption per work cycle 1.3 NL
      • Overall dimensions  3180 mm x 1200 mm x 1680 mm ; Weight: 900 Kg


3 spindle drilling unit

      • n° 3 bit ø12 mm spigot 10 mm for 3 spindle drilling unit. Drilling bit centre distance 22 mm
      • Oleopneumatic advance of 3 spindle drilling unit
      • Three-phase motor 1.1 KW (1,5HP) – 1500 rpm 230/400 V – 50 Hz for drilling
      • Height adjustment capacity of 3 spindle drilling unit: 10 ÷ 90 mm
      • Rotation bit speed: 900 rpm



Unit copy-router

      • Pneumatic tracer point with double diameter selector ø5 and ø8mm
      • Work-possibility with template or mechanical stop
      • Spray mist working lubrification system
      • Milling bit locking capacity spigot: from 5 to 8 mm (with collets replacement)
      • Quick spindle stop locking for the bit  replacement
      • Three-phase motor 1.1 KW (1,5HP) – 3000 rpm eurovoltage 230/400 V 50 Hz; 275/480 V 60 Hz) for milling


      • Additional complete tracer point
      • Vice jaw extension 805 mm (right or left side)
      • Roller table with vice jaw 1800 mm (right or left side)
      • Receding stop (additional)
      • Kit rod beat
      • Surchage for micro-drop pure oil blade lubrification system
      • Milling bit
      • Collets for milling bits




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