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HAND DRY CUTTER 8200 for steel




HAND DRY CUTTER 8200 for steel

HDC8200 mit Profilen

  • Hand Dry Cutter 8200: Ideal for cutting steel, metal sheets, sandwich panels,
    steel pipes & profiles, nonferrous metals and composite materials 
    (optional with shock resistant LBS-blade)
  • By default fitted with a Ø 200/42T resharpenable HM-saw blade for cutting steel and inox
  • Strong and light construction: only 6,3 kg
  • Chip collector for clean work
  • No need of lubrication
  • Maximum cutting depth 67 / 42 mm bevel cut and up to a thickness of 10 mm





Power input 1.700 W
Voltage 230V/50Hz
No load speed 3.700 rpm
Netto weight 6,3 kg
Saw blade size 200 mm
Cable 5 m


Max. cutting capacities in mm90° cut45° bevel cut
Cutting depth 67 42
Angle 67 x 10 42 x 8
Square 67 x 5 42 x 4
Round 67 x 5 42 x 4
Plate 10 8


Product descriptionRef.
Hand Dry Cutter 8200 with Ø 200/42T Saw blade 608295
Hand Dry Cutter 8200 with Ø 200/48T shock resistant
LBS saw blade
Hm Saw blades for HDC 8200Ref.
200/42T standard for steel and inox 72120042I
200/48T for aluminum 72120048A
200/48T Laser Beam - shock resistant for metal grids 72220048
200/70T for thin wall material and corrugated metal sheets 72120070