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Flip Stop

Flipstop is designed for quick and accurate measuring and to give consistently repeatable results. With its heavy-duty yet simple construction Flipstop can be fitted to a wide variety of saws and drills etc. all that’s needed is a bench with a 45mm high fence, next to the saw/drill for the stop to sit upon.


Standard Flipstop Sets

1m Flipstop set………£209.00+VAT
2m Flipstop set………£249.00+VAT
3m Flipstop set………£279.00+VAT

A set Comprises of one length of track, two stops, two self-adhesive measuring scales (one reading left/right one reading right/left.) fixing screws, Allen key and instructions.

(Individual components for stop are available if required)

Please call 01934 625850 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with your requirements